Penny Farthing, Screen-print, 2020

My current group of prints and objects explores the disappearance of paper based media that have occupied a place in our everyday life. In particular, I examine correspondence by letter, slowly being replaced by new, digital solutions. The letter is becoming a historical, almost symbolic object, being replaced by the invisible workings of email and internet post. The envelope, as well, is becoming historic. The image of the envelope has always been one loaded with shared universal associations: anticipation, secrets hidden within, sharing, expressions of communication. I’m interested in exploring the aspects of this shift, this abandoning of old tools for new, the birth of a new heritage, as well as examining the loss of both the visual and tactile experience of these paper objects in our everyday life.

Correspondence, Screen-print, 2021

The Secret Garden, Screen-print/3D construction, 2018

Paper folded, screen-printed paper theater, 2021